Thanks for finding us here. We are focused on the journey of finding and becoming our higher selves and awakening from the dream. Eureka was coined as a word when Archimides exclaimed this sound, meaning "I have found it", while discovering a way to determine the purity of gold by applying the principle of specific gravity. We are discovering the "gold" within each of us as we uncover the blocks to that purity and innocence within all of us.

The word "miracle" comes from the latin verb "mirare", which means "to wonder or marvel". Once the mind experiences mystery and wonderment we become open to being miracle workers in our lives and the lives of others. Ultimately a miracle is a "shift in perception" moving from fear based thoughts to love based thoughts. "THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY SEEM; YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED WITHIN YOU". We practice this mind training with the study of "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM): a single volume 3 part book published in 1976 through the work of Helen Shucman and Bill Thetford, Professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC.

Eureka’s mission is to support the study and practice of the principles of spiritual wisdom as expressed in “A Course In Miracles”. Together we focus toward a thought system of love, peace and joy. We teach an awareness of the mind’s tendency to move away from spirit through fear. Our curriculum of learning includes meditation practice, study groups and other programs to train each individual’s mind toward these teachings. Each of us learns that we have a choice in perception, and ultimately “thought itself” as to how we perceive ourselves, others and the world. The influence of these teachings permeates every area of one’s life and influences all those around us as well.


We are here to serve those who come. The purpose being to aid participants in whatever way possible in their desire to learn and follow the principles of the “Course” and awaken from the dream

Our classes include reading Chapters and Lessons that weave the thought system of the “Course” to illuminate the mind to see spirit mind instead of ego mind. We pause during readings for questions and sharings to deepen the understanding of the message. Both miracles and fear based blocks to miracles are demonstrated. The Course distinguishes two worlds or “thought systems”: God and the ego, knowledge and perception, truth and illusion. The Study Groups enlighten the mind to differentiate these thought systems as they occur. A student learns to move more quickly away from ego thought and into spirit thought through “Course” study.

Advanced classes focus more on our beingness in the moment, with a deeper concentration in the text and theoretical teachings, while Beginner’s classes focus on the first Lessons in the Workbook to help loosen the “mind’s” fixed worldview and open to a worldview of acceptance. “I do not know what anything is for”.

Wed Evenings 7-9:00PM - Nangelini's 839 South St Phila, Pa Call Nancy 215 287 7305

Sun Mornings 10:30-12:30PM -

401 Catherine St (Queen Village) Phila, Pa (ample parking) Call Joe 267 939 8349 days


All classes meet weekly on an ongoing basis unless otherwise specified. There is no obligation for meeting attendance. All are welcome, especially those who are coming for the first time..

Sometimes there will be classes with a specific focus at times that have a finite number of weeks for completion. They will be announced when their dates are set.



Letter from a happy website user:

I just went to the website, oh my God...it was so peaceful there.  I was having a moment so deeply rooted in fear and just decided to visit the site.  The speaker reading was soothing to my soul and the voice literally changed my vibration. (Thank you Holy Spirit)  And then, after she spoke, one of my favorite Course excerpts was there for me to read...."How can you who are so Holy suffer..." thank you Jack for this wonderful service you provide to the world.  


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EVENTS: Jack Roddy is often asked to deliver opening and closing keynote talks on the Principles of A Course In Miracles. He also conducts all day workshops on specific ACIM topics. He is available for 60 to 120 minute Presentations for Study Groups or church presentations. Please call 215 922 5530 or email jack@jproddy.com for scheduling, fee arrangements, topics etc.


Foundation for A Course In Miracles: www.facim.org We hope that the information contained here will be of help to you in understanding the purpose and activities of the Foundation, as well as providing more in-depth information as to what A Course in Miracles is and what it teaches. The Course’s understanding of forgiveness as the road to inner peace and the remembrance of God is unique among world spiritualities, and our expectation is that this Web site will help you to decide whether the spiritual path of A Course in Miracles is for you.

We invite you to read through our material, and hope that it will be of interest and help to you on your spiritual journey.

Foundation for Inner Peace: www.acim.org A unique universal, self study spiritual thought system that also teaches the way to Love and Inner Peace

David Hoffmeister: www.awakening-mind.org You have come upon a foundation dedicated to nothing less than... Enlightenment / Salvation through forgiveness of illusion: Constant Peace, Happiness, Joy & Freedom! We are dedicated to demonstrating complete forgiveness as described in A Course In Miracles ACIM, unlearning error, experiencing the Present Moment, and remembering the Eternal Love of God.

Marianne Williamson: www.marianne.com "I consider Marianne to be one of our most profound teachers of transformational wisdom." She is an amazing Course Teacher.

D Patrick Miller: www.fearlessbooks.com Author, poet, publisher, Course Teacher

Jon Mundy PhD: www.miraclesmagazine.org Jon Mundy, Ph.D. is an international speaker and as "Dr. Baba Jon Mundane" a standup philosopher/comedian.

A College Professor for 38 years, Jon currently serves as Professor of Philosophy at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York where he teaches courses on "The History of Mysticism," "The Psychology of Religion," "World Religions," "The History of Philosophy," "World Views and Values" and “Small Group Communications.” According to the "Princeton Review," Marist is in the top 10% of the best colleges in the US.

Miracles Alliance (NEUS): www.miraclesalliance.org

The Miracles Alliance serves the worldwide A Course In Miracles (ACIM) community. We provide a central posting place for ACIM news, meetings, events, websites, centers, products, services, articles, interviews and anything else we can think of that enables our community to connect, join and get the word out about what's happening. The information contained in the site is freely available to all, and everyone is welcome to use it.

Gary Renard: www.garyrenard.com “A book that is destined to be one of the most significant contributions to spiritual literature in this century. The message in Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe is of great importance to the healing of ourselves and our planet.”

Neale Donald Walsch: www.cwg.org Author of Conversations With God

Miracles Distribution Center: www.miraclecenter.org We publish The Holy Encounter magazine and offer many other free services for students of the Course to help them connect with others and integrate the principles of A Course in Miracles into their daily lives. Use the nagivation bar at the top of each page or the links at the bottom to find all our site has to offer. We appreciate your support of our services through your purchases of books and your donations.


Jack Roddy-Executive Director - jproddy@eurekamiracles.com




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Parts of the opening narration have been adapted, courtesy of "Selections From A Course In Miracles" an Audio Renaissance production.

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